Design concept showing the extended possibilities in a work lamp with double configurations of light sources, with the possibility to point in various directions, for different uses.

The concept is meant to add a high degree of flexibility to the work situations including the use of work lamps Рin dark areas such as basement, on lofts, outside at night, and likewise. The shape of the lamp, and the friction in the hinges, makes it possible to place the lamp as an open book, adding light in angles up to app 160 degrees pointing slightly upwards. It can also be unfold totally, so it can light up eg. hallways in more than one direction, as it is with conventional work lamps. Next it can be placed lying on a flat surface lighting upwards, or atop eg. a scaffolding pointing downwards. And it can even be used hanging unfold in every opening position wanted Рusing the integrated hook.

The concept and the prototype was made when older light tubes were state of the art, and new alternatives such as LED was not yet an alternative. That means that the shape off the lamp, and its physical volume, is of a certain character. Rethinking it to more up to date technology, would open for some very interesting results, a slimmer design, maybe it could hold a battery pack, so external power sources should not be necessary during use. Even other versions, eg. for casual outdoor use nighttime could be worth considering.

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